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Or fly to

If we decide to offer you a position as Software Engineer, you’ll choose whether to work with us or to fly to San Francisco

If you're asked where apps with tens of millions of users are conceived and developed, your thoughts go to Silicon Valley. If you dream of innovative, advanced technologies being engineered, you dream of California.

Still, Bending Spoons is in Milan, Corso Como 15.

To compete with the giants and become the #1 app developer worldwide and one of the most extraordinary tech companies on the planet, we’ve built a team of impressive Software Engineers. And we're looking for more.

Apply to one of our Software Engineering jobs by November 30, 2018. If you pass our selection process, we'll offer you a roundtrip ticket to San Francisco. Then you'll choose whether to stay with us for the adventure of a lifetime or go (but we’re confident you’ll choose to join our team, once you’ve seen how special Bending Spoons is!).

The Process

  • Apply

    Apply to one of our Software Engineering jobs with a CV that speaks for itself, and let your cover letter explain why we can't miss having you here.

  • Complete our tests

    If you pass the initial screening, you’ll receive an email with the instructions to access the next steps. We created a set of problems and a coding challenge to let you prove your worth.

  • We decide

    After that, you’re going to be in a couple of interviews. When they’re done, we’ll decide whether to make you an offer.

  • You decide

    Once you hold an offer from us in your hands, you'll make up your mind on whether to join our team or to be gifted a roundtrip ticket to San Francisco (you choose the dates).