Conquering The World, One App At A Time

We have a passion for creating products that lots of people all over the world will use. So far we’ve focused on mobile: iOS apps and downloads are just the beginning. Find below a few examples of our products.

Yoga Wave Stretching the boundaries.

The sequence of poses that you go through when attending a yoga class aren’t arbitrary, instead they stem from a well-defined set of rules. With Yoga Wave we set out to reverse engineer yoga, breaking it down to its basic principles and building blocks. Yoga Wave takes hundreds of 5-minute long video sequences that have been shot specifically for the app, and harmoniously combines them to generate a virtually infinite variety of classes, all perfectly tailored to your focus, your proficiency, and to the time you have available.

Designing and developing the most advanced and most useful yoga app on the App Store wasn’t enough of a challenge for us, we also wanted to make it the most stunning. That’s why we’ve put a lot of love in the design and the implementation. The attention to detail, the smooth and delightful animations, the balanced color palette are a pleasure for the eyes, and help you reach a state of relaxation even before your next class begins.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Accepted.

One of the best feelings about creating apps is when they can make a concrete, positive impact on users' lives. This is definitely the case with 30 Day Fitness, the app equivalent of a personal trainer. The app boasts an impressive number of workouts (340 to be precise), and each exercise features both a video showing how to perform it and clear instructions written by fitness professionals. A set of plans focusing on different disciplines or muscle groups help our users make the best out of this huge library.

Given the sheer amount of content, and the requirement to make it possible for non-techies to keep it up to date, we created Emporium, our own Content Management System. Emporium administers all the exercise-related data in the smartest possible way, serving and caching media at the optimal, device-specific resolution, and orchestrating downloads so that content that is needed immediately, like the gorgeous, plan-specific cover images, is served at the first opening, whereas everything else is served opportunistically, right before the exercise starts. Thanks to Emporium we could keep our app binary super slim. Just like our users after 30 days.

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Using this app as an add on to my full workout has caused me to see amazing progress! I'm so happy.
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Best fitness app ever!!I love it! 💕

Slideshow Shareworthy In One Tap.

It’s not always a good sign when users spend a lot of time in your app. Sometimes it means that it’s taking them too long to accomplish what they have in mind. With SlideShow we wanted to offer the fastest way to turn photos and clips into shareworthy slideshows. We achieved this goal by composing tens of “moods”, that is combinations of soundtracks, transitions, and effects that can be instantly applied to a project to turn it from plain to insane. For those willing to invest a little more time, SlideShow makes it possible to record voiceovers, tweak transitions, add text and stickers, and many other things.

SlideShow, just like many other apps we create, are much more complex under the hood than one may think. The simpler they look on the surface, the prouder we are, because it means that we’ve done a good job hiding all that complexity away. One of the challenges was to support the editing of the incredibly high-resolution, high-fps videos that the latest iPhones are capable of shooting without slowing down the in-app experience. Advanced memory optimization and the use of the latest AVFoundation functionality makes this daunting background processing look effortless.

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Reinventing Storytelling.

In recent years we've witnessed the rise on the App Store of chat stories, an ingenious new medium where a narrative is unveiled through fictional text conversations between its protagonists. Our app ReadIt, with its hundreds of orginal stories offered in tens of different languages, is the most polished and innovative in the category. When you choose a story, you tap at the bottom of the screen to make each message appear. It's a great alternative to reading a book, and the text format bumps realism up a notch.

We launched ReadIt to capitalize on the big potential for improvement we saw in this field. We wanted the app to provide eye-pleasing rushes of adrenaline, so visual polish was top of mind while we designed it. We also believed in the power of content crowdsourcing, so we built strong incentives for the most creative users to unleash their imagination. Any ReadIt user can write their own chat story, and the best concepts quickly bubble up to the top spots in the app. With hundreds of stories being written every day, we're probably not far from scouting the next Stephen King.

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I like this app more and more. Great experience so far. And i just read my fav story so far :)
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Steven Spielberg In Your Pocket.

You've just come back from a holiday. You want to put your videos together and add a cool soundtrack to make your friends who stayed back home envious. Video Music is the easiest and most envy-eliciting way to do it. To maximize impact you can add text, filters, and transitions, or choose between thousands of animated stickers created specifically for the app. Casual users, rather than pros, were on our mind when perfecting the app's interactions, and the product you see on the store today owes a lot to the feedback received from the countless loving users who sent us their suggestions for improvement.

Under the hood, our engineers made direct use of the powerful graphic processor available in recent Apple devices so that applying filters or transitions between clips is a breeze, and spinning wheels are nowhere in sight. It's easy to get carried away with enthusiasm while editing, and it's also easy to make mistakes, that's why the app offers a handy undo functionality. When developing it we thought it could be useful to extend the behavior to other apps as well, so we've created a library around it. Given its ability to go back in time through your actions, it's no wonder we decided to call it Marty McFly.

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