Join Our All-Star Team In Milan

We look for ridiculously talented, driven, and passionate people that love the idea of working hard to create massively successful tech products. We're nice people looking for nice people, so we kindly leave smart-asses and divas at the door.

Why We’re An Incredible Place To Work

We think working at Bending Spoons will be one of the highlights of our lives. Nothing to do with the average professional experience.

Here’s why we think it’s so special.

Work On Big Products

Our apps are used and loved by millions of people all around the world, and generate revenues of millions of dollars every year. Your ideas and work directly affect users and matter big time.

Work With The Best

Our incredibly selective hiring process ensures only extraordinary talents join Bending Spoons. Working alongside these amazing people will inspire you to give your best every day, and you’ll learn a ton from them.

Solve Hard Problems

Our success is very hard-earned. You’ll be tested and challenged to go beyond your limits. You’ll face some of the toughest business and technological challenges in a group where good isn’t good enough.

Grow At 360 Degrees

We want you to grow exceptionally fast. If you put in the hard work and persistence that it takes, we’ll be there to help with lots of formal training, a dedicated mentor, continuous on-the-job coaching, and by exposing you to a wide variety of challenges.

Be Valued Now

We pay generously (top 5% of market) and share equity, purely based on your contribution, independently of age, tenure, or experience. Perks include latest Mac and iPhone, quality lunch, and annual month-long retreats in amazing places.

Make A Difference

We’re still a small team working furiously to become one of the greatest tech companies in the world. Rather than be 1 in 1,000 somewhere else, join us and leave your mark in the achievement of our lifetimes.

Be One Of Us

For most, Bending Spoons becomes both a family and a tribe. We share dreams, hard work, and play all around the world. It’s infectious, profound, and impossible to explain. Ask any Spooner: you’ll be smitten!

Compensation & Career Path

At Bending Spoons we have a very unique and innovative way of thinking about compensation and careers. Our philosophy on the topic has evolved and matured over time, but the goal has always been to foster a no-bullshit, truly meritocratic environment where the most talented people could reach their utmost potential in the fastest way possible, rather than focusing on fulfilling specific requirements to unlock a bonus.

We're very proud of the result of this journey of introspection and experimentation. A sneak peek: we believe that ownership is the best form of motivation, so we banished carrot-and-stick incentives, deciding instead to pay generous base salaries and allow deserving Spooners to own shares of Bending Spoons. What counts is a Spooner's value to Bending Spoons: we completely ignore past experience, age, or tenure.

If it sounds interesting, discover more by taking a look at our complete policy.

Can You Succeed Where Of Applicants Have Failed?

To ensure our team is and stays wonderfully talented, we’re obsessively selective during our evaluation process. We identified the last Spooners among a staggering applicants, with success rate for software engineers at about so far. We look for brilliance, drive, and passion.

Take up the challenge!

Wonderful Milan

Bending Spoons was founded in Copenhagen in 2013 and moved its HQ to Milan in 2014. It was a great decision: we’ve fallen in love with the city that we now call home.

Beauty Everywhere

From the imposing Duomo and Sforzesco Castle, to the magical Brera and the high-tech giants of Porta Nuova, the city center is truly diverse, beautiful, and full of history.

Delicious Food

With some of the best Italian food at every corner, the widest varieties of international cuisines, Michelin-starred restaurants as well as authentic takeaways and the convenience of home delivery, you won’t lose weight around here.

Young & Social

Home to several major universities and capital of fashion and sports, Milan teems with friendly young people meeting up for easygoing aperitivos or wild nightlife, so socializing couldn’t be easier.

Efficient & Connected

Getting around the city is so convenient, thanks to an extensive network of subways, light rail, and buses, and traveling internationally is as easy as it gets, thanks to Malpensa airport being an important hub.

Surrounded By World’s Wonders

When you feel like a heavenly getaway, reach globally renowned marvels such as Tuscany, Lake Como, the Alps, or Cinque Terre in just a couple of hours by car or train. An explorer’s dream!

Technology Hub

Italy's most technologically advanced city, Milan is home to many tech startups, hosts hackathons, and features tech-perks such as Amazon Now, extensive car sharing, online grocery delivery, and more.

We Thrive On Being Different

We deeply believe that thinking differently is one of our core strengths, and so how could we not embrace diversity? To decide whether we’d like to work with you, we only look at your talent and values, and not at your skin color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, muscle mass, hairstyle, or dog/cat preference (bonus points if you prefer dogs).

Jobs At Bending Spoons

Find below all the roles for which we’re hiring. If what you’ve learnt on our website lit a fire in you, and you think you might fit one of the job descriptions below, go ahead and apply, we’d love to get to know you! If you’re really great, but none of the jobs suits you, you can send an unsolicited application directly to Silvia, the almighty Spooner in charge of People Operations, at